Virginia Highland Real Estate Information

Founded in the early 20th century, Virginia Highland is an area located in the Atlanta, Georgia. It was known as a streetcar community in the early days. In the 60’s, the Virginia Highland never really felt weak economy condition during Atlanta's in-town recession. The Jimmy Carter Library and Museum located on the hill that was to be the main interchange between the bypass and another new highway that would go to the Stone Mountain. In this modern era, this diverse place is flourishing with lots of restaurants, bars, hotels and shops, even hosting its own main festival, Summerfest, the first weekend of June each year.

In 2006, Virginia Highland was listed by the Georgia Trust of Historic Preservation in the list of “places in peril”. Recently in 2009, Virginia Highland is announced the first carbon-neutral zone in the America, through mutual efforts of Verus Carbon Neutral and the Chicago Climate Exchange. Now, if you’re planning to visit this beautiful area you should be comfortable because you’re going to an air pollution free area! It is very attractive place for the tourists and visitors across the United States and some parts of the world.