Piedmont Park Real Estate Information

Piedmont Park is located in Midtown, Atlanta, Georgia. The park was formerly designed by Joseph Forsyth Johnson to host the first of two main exhibitions held here in the late 19th century. Over the years, the Piedmont Park has provided the athletic center facilities to the city. The first professional baseball team, the Atlanta Crackers has played in the park. All through the 20th century, lots of other developments have been made such as the addition of sheltered picnic areas, visitor center the Lake Clara Meer dock and tennis facilities, and also two playgrounds. Now the Piedmont Park is a great place for the athletes, sports enthusiasts, swimming, fishing and many other healthy activities. This attractive place has many miles of paved paths good for walking, biking, skating and running.

A non-profit organization named The Piedmont Park Conservancy is in charge of the developments and 90% of the Park's every day maintenance, care and security. It is a popular place for specially organized sports events. The lake is located in the south east side of the Piedmont Park. Fishing is allowed in the lake which is full of Crappie, Large Mouth Bass, Catfish, and Bream. Piedmont Park is a central focal point of the people Atlanta's Midtown to arrange or organize social and special events.