Inman Park Real Estate Information

Situated two miles east of downtown, famous Inman Park is Atlanta’s first organized community and one of the nation’s first garden suburbs. It is named in the National Register of Historic Places. In 1970 the Association of Inman Park (IPNA) is recognized in the name, Inman Park Restoration. Other town people now moving in and Inman Park began to rise and developed again. In 1970 Inman Park Restoration Inc. created within a year and forty plus houses were in the process of renewal. Before its new formation the Inman Park has not its own beauty, zone pattern area is almost blank on that time. At this time, almost the entire area was zoned business and commercial.

There are over 350 homes in different stages of restoration or renovation in Inman Park. Each year Inman Park holds the Spring Festival, fair and Tour of Homes, a two-day festivity of parades, entertainment, dancing and lots of enjoyment activities. Families picnicked in attractive area and lake side of Park and took easy strolls around Crystal Lake. Churches were lively, and a strong community spirit overcomes. Festival days are sunny days in Inman Park. Such a nice place to spend whole life and enjoying own life.