Grant Park Real Estate Information

Grant Park (originally named Lake Park) is a large park (320 acres or 1.30 kmĀ²) in the Loop population region of Chicago, Illinois, United States. In the last of the 19th century, plans were made to build up the park and create large buildings and commercial land in the park. The Park's creates is based on the French parks with geometric designs. It consists of a numbers of bridges which fly over the Railway tracks that are still on the park's area. After construction of bridges, the park is separated in parts with lawns, trees and monuments. A statue of Abraham Lincoln is also created. The Buckingham Fountain is a main attraction point. The shape of the fountain is same like the 'Bassin de Latome' at the Palace of Versailles by Paris and was constructed by Edward H. Bennett.

Grant Park is organized the city's front yard. The western edge of Park is the Art society of Chicago, one of the premier art museums and art training center in the United States, known especially for the wide collection of Impressionist and American art. Grant Park also features many shaded walking tracks and Lake Shore Trail, and also running trails.