Chastain Park Real Estate

Chastain Park is 270 acres, the biggest public park in the City of Atlanta, and is situated in a housing area. It is a well famous and historic park with not only a 6,000 plus seat amphitheater, but also a horse park, golf club, tennis ground and tanning center, research center, playground, pool and 3.4 miles of PATH. This range of amenities sets Chastain apart and allows a huge number of users to enjoy it each year.

The two main supporters of concerts are Peter Conlon and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The capacity is just about 6,900 with the huge majority of tickets being booked seating. There is also limited common access lawn seating at the very back of the amphitheater and at stage right.

The Chastain Park Civic Association (CPCA) has been helping and providing leadership for our neighborhood and park for over 32 years. The Chastain Park Athletic Club (CPAC) is proud to be approaching our 9th season of managing the Chastain Park Pool, which was built in 1942. The Chastain Park Athletic Club (CPAC) was established in 2002 as a Georgia non-profit business and was organized and at all times shall be operated exclusively for public custody and educational uses.