Candler Park Real Estate Information

This National Register of Historic Places area is one of Atlanta's first borders and was discovered by Edgewood in 1890. Candler Park is situated in intown Atlanta, about 10 minutes east of and near from south of Ponce De Leon Avenue. People are very talented of this reign, great shops, bars, and everything assorted. Candler Park has a friendly neighborhood with a hub on walkability and livability. The park features a 9 hole golf course (this course is broadly regarded as the worst course in the part). A football/soccer field, a swimming pool, a basketball court, tennis courts, and a playground also increase the interest of their visitor. You will see our expansive floor exhibit of the many flowers accessible from around the world in Candler Park.

Candler Park is also known as the neighborhood surrounding the park. The neighborhood is home to the original site of one of Atlanta's very popular brunch spots, The Flying Biscuit Cafe. Candler Park Fall fest is an annual fair organized by the Candler Park Neighborhood Organization. The Candler Park Fall Festival rejoice the Candler Park society with over a hundred sellers, in door musicians, food, a road race, children's entertainment and so many others.