Ansley Park Real Estate Information

Ansley Park was the vision of Edwin P, which is build up in 1904. Ansley Park is a rich residential neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, placed just east of Midtown and west of Piedmont Park.

In the east of Peachtree Street, with its lofty office buildings and bustling Arts hub, Ansley Park provides a protection of winding streets, verdant parks and islands, and an assorted collection of homes ranging from modest bungalows to cordial mansions. Different architectural styles, as well as the recognized trees and gardens, increase to Ansley Park's visual attraction. Some of the more imposing formation are acknowledged copies of Italian villas and English country houses-that struck the fancies of those well-traveled Atlantans "who custom-built skilled builder to design their dream houses.

The city considered especially for automobiles, it features wide, zigzag roads rather than the grid outline usual of older streetcar border. Ansley Park peoples enjoy a feisty neighborhood of restored and well-maintained homes by the center of metropolitan Atlanta. Beautiful gardens which are full bloomed whole the year, huge museum, and zoo for babies is well popular in Ansley Park. Peoples living style is very rich. In whole fore season weather is little wet and cold especially in winter the temperature is going very low.